The Finger Lakes

Family Fun, Unique History, and Natural Beauty


Abundant with natural beauty, the Finger Lakes area has a lot to offer, and I am always looking for fun things to do with my family here. From hiking and biking, boating and fishing, to unique shopping establishments, there is something for everyone. Occasionally I will share fun activities or destinations beyond the Finger Lakes.


Women March in Seneca Falls 2017

LOCAL EVENTS Women March in Seneca Falls 2017 A note from Jen: I typically avoid sharing politically related topics here.  However, I have written many times about Seneca Falls and its rich history. This is a nonpartisan march and organizers are expecting 100s of...

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It’s A Wonderful Life in Seneca Falls NY

TRAVEL & LIFESTYLE It's a Wonderful Life In Seneca Falls 10 December 2016 For our family, watching It’s a Wonderful Life every holiday season is a cherished Christmas tradition. The timeless tale of a discouraged George Bailey who, with the help of his guardian...

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Upstate New York Gift Ideas

Upstate New York Gift Ideas A few years ago a friend asked me "What would you put into an Upstate New York State themed gift basket". They were visiting from out of town and wanted to send a sample of Upstate New York back home to Texas. I have always loved this idea,...

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The Perfect Sunday in Sodus Point

The Perfect Sunday in Sodus Point 04 July 2016 Local Wanderings Life Upstate New York Last week we decided to pack up the boat and kids and hit Lake Ontario for the day. It ended up being a perfect day at "The Point". Have you ever been to Sodus Point? It often feels...

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5 Things You Should Do In The Finger Lakes in June

 Try A New Ice-Cream Flavor June is the perfect time to hit your favorite ice cream shop. Skip vanilla, chocolate or strawberry. Locally handcrafted ice cream flavors seem to be getting more and more creative each day, branch out and discover a new favorite. Seriously...

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Seneca Knitting Mill, Seneca Falls NY

Future home of the Women's Hall of Fame, the former Seneca Knitting Mill. While on a visit to Seneca Falls for a youth basketball tournament we found ourselves needing to kill some time. Our game was the last game of the day, and after a full day of games running...

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No Plans For 2016 Willard Asylum Tour

First, I would like to point out I have no affiliation with the Willard Tour, or it's organizers, nor am I a spokesperson for the event, but I have been notified by the executive director of the Elizabeth Cady Stanton Child Care Center that there will not be a...

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New York State Produce Auctions

I love auctions! They are a mix of shopping, social hour, and festive event that I just can not get enough of, and today I am going to let you in one a little secret,New York State Produce Auctions . They are not just for businesses, although most buyers and sellers...

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Phelps Sauerkraut Festival

Nestled in the Finger Lakes region just north of Geneva in Ontario County is the small village of Phelps. First settled in 1793, today Phelps is a charming little community that once was the largest producer of sauerkraut in the world. I can only imagine the olfactory...

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Upstate New York Summer Food Bucket List

Summer is a time to relax, enjoy the weather and eat some really good Upstate New York food. To help you really get a taste of summertime in Upstate New York, I have put together my list of Upstate New York Summer Food Bucket List of favorite regional summer foods....

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