Do you ever wonder exactly how many calories are in a serving of your favorite dish?

Recently someone posted a comment asking about how many calories are in a serving of Applesauce Puffs. I did some investigating on the Internet and discovered there are many different sites that allow you to analyze and monitor your daily caloriesmost of the sites are have pre-stored calorie counts for popular brand name food products and chain restaurant dishes, and some sites allow you to log in recipe ingredients along with a number of servings and then it calculates the per serving calorie count and nutritional content for you homemade dish.

One of the biggest problems I kept running into was that many of the recipe calorie calculator sites require you to enter each ingredient individually.

Hello, time-consuming!!

The easiest site for me to use was Instead of searching the database by each individual ingredient,  on the VeryWell website, you just copy and paste the list of ingredients from your recipe, insert the number of servings, and like magic the recipe is “analyzed” for you. The service is free and you can do it without creating an account, but if you do create an account (which is also free) you can store frequently made recipes on the site to use when tracking your daily calories.

I will admit these calorie tracking tools are extremely useful at helping you reaching your weight goals, they can also help if you are trying to make specific changes to your diet, such as eating more protein or less sodium. But they are not something I use all the time. I just track for a week or two to help me get a clear picture of my daily intake, so using the Calorie Counter website is a little more involved than I want to devote to daily food tracking, but it is the perfect EASY solution to quickly finding the calorie content of a recipe.