Recipe Submissions

Do you have a regional Upstate New York recipe? I’d love for you to share it!

Recipe Submissions are welcomed…

All recipes on this site are either my own, or, submitted by visitors such as yourself.

If you would like to contribute a recipe please follow the simple guidelines below.

  1.  If you are sharing a recipe from a source such as a church cookbook, or junior league cookbook, please reference the source of the recipe.
  2. You should have cooked and/or eaten the dish yourself (and liked it)!

I would like a good explanation of how to prepare the dish.  Look at how the recipes are explained on this site to get an idea of what I’m talking about (I can help with that if you need it).

Don’t worry if you already see a recipe here like the one you want to submit, I want different versions of the same dish too!

If you don’t have the exact amount of an ingredient make your closest guess. I have seen many old recipes that are somewhat vague when it comes to measurements. Fortunately, there are a few places online where you can find translations for some of the ambiguous amounts used in old recipes, check out “Home Cooking” on

Use the form below to submit your recipe! Recipes are held for moderation. Once the recipe is posted I’ll send you an email with a direct link to the page so you can view it.

Thanks for your interest in my site and please pass the word….

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